sábado, 31 de octubre de 2009



The mate is the traditional infusion with a nice taste and is common to drinking with friends. has become such a widespread tradition that we might say it is a National custom. The Guarani Tribes discovered the plant it is made up of which is called ''YERBA'' and they also found that its leaves are good for people's health.
The jesuits later started to drink it as tea ( in mate bags) and they created a system for growing the herb or plant, that we used to make mate. This infusion is also taken from the Guarani Tribes. The kettle and the yerba are the basic elements.
Mateas a word has two different meanings: on the one hand it is the drink itself and the other hand it is the gourd which also has different names according to the size,namely '' the big ones'' are porongos and those that have flat sides are called galletas.
even though all mates were made out of '' pumpkins'' at the beginning, nowadays almost any material is good enough to pour some yerba and water in it. we can find different designs and materials such as : silver, pumpkins,glass,etc. The straw ( bombilla) is the means by which we zip the liquid. it has been metal straw and the jesuit's times. But the Guarani tribes used to have ''cane straws''. sharing your mate is a token of manners. mate as a drink may take several names according to the way you make it:
  • Bitter mate : just plain hot water and yerba.
  • sweet mate : hot water,yerba and sugar
  • terere : cold water,yerba or citric fruit's juice (optional)
  • milk mate : hot milk and yerba.
  • mate with coffee : hot water ( or hot coffee),yerba and sugar.