Lujan a city of Faith

This place is undoubtedly the city of faith, where thousands of people visit each weekend by the renowned Basilica de Lujan.

Geography :

the city of Lujan is located 67 km from Buenos Aires and is the first city in the interior out of Buenos Aires and the downtown is located along the Lujan River.

The Cabildo

Built in 1772, was capitular house, school and prison, had wide activity until 1821 when the first Argentine president Bernardino rivadavia suppressed the activities, then worked as justice of the peace, police and town council until 1910.
Guillermo Carr Baresford and Denis pack were imprisoned there.
British military prisoners after the conquers of Buenos Aires. Generales as Jose Maria Paz and Bartolome Mitre ( rests in Recoleta). This building is declared as a National historic monument and the author was Pedro Alerife Preciado, colonial style today with viceroy's house integrates Enrique Udaondo museum complex.

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