Recoleta is one of the most visited areas in Buenos Aires, popular by the cemetery, coffees stores, museums and activities, But this town has an importan story..


In the early 18th century the Recoleta Area used to be an Impassable mount where bandits and crooks would seek refuge.  The first franciscan Chapel and convent was built in in the period of 1716 to 1730 and it served as a retreat for the order of franciscans, who had their main church in the area.
The churches used to be called Recoleta and the monks who lived there were called the Recoletos, which gave its name to the area.

the people started to settle down in this area in 1870, when the cholera and yellow fever plagues brought wealthy families from the southern area of the city to the north.

Cemetery of Recoleta :

The cemetery it is next to the church, originally was the convents garden. In 1822, engineer Felipe Bertres designed the plans for a new cemetery in the northen area of the City.
In 1828, the governor Manuel Dorrego made the cemetery bigger till it reached it's current size.Along the cemetery you will find mausoleums with sculptures by famous locan and international artists, presidents and : Evita Duarte de Peron, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Juan Manuel De Rosas, Facundo Quiroga, Bartolome Mitre and actually our Democratic Raul Alfonsin.

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